Clams, snails and relatives


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         Bay Mussel                           Red-flecked Mopalia                    Bentnose Clam

      Geoduck Clam                 White-sand Macoma Clam                      Butter Clam

       Manila Clam                      Nuttall’s Cockle Clam                      Rock Oyster   

     Littleneck Clam

      Pacific Oyster                                 Teredo                             Speckled Limpet

    Frilled Dogwinkle                  Japanese Oyster Drill                        Periwinkle

       Moon Snail                       Opalescent Nudibranch            Rainbow Nudibranch

Branched Dendronotus                 White-and-orange                          Sea Lemon


     Shaggy Mouse                        Spotted Aglaja                          Common Squid

  Sapsucker  Sea Slug                    Slipper Snail                               Horse Clam