Crabs and shrimp


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     Acorn Barnacle                   Giant Acorn Barnacle                     Kelp Isopod

Little Brown (Dall’s) Barnacle

Marine Pill Bug                           Hyperiid Amphipod                    Skeleton Shrimp

       Cumacean                                 Copepod                                  Ostracod

          Sea Lice                                  Gribble                              Dungeness Crab

Graceful Crab                                   Kelp Crab                              Shore Crab

Decorator Crab                           Pygmy Rock Crab                      Red Rock Crab

    Porcelain Crab                        Hairy Hermit Crab              Blackeyed Hermit Crab

      Dock Shrimp                            Ghost Shrimp                             Bay Shrimp

                                                     Stout Shrimp