Moonglow Anemone         Anthopleura artemisia

This inch and a half Moonglow anemone is a relative of the Giant Green anemone of exposed waters and open coast tidepools. The Moonglow anemone (also called the Buried anemone) occurs in Puget Sound in more sheltered conditions where it inhabits sandy and gravelly sand beaches with underlying shell, cobbles or boulders to which it attaches.   At low tide the animal will usually withdraw into the sediment and cannot be found without digging.  However when the tide comes in it can extend around 8 to 12 inches to reach the surface.  It can grow to around two inches in diameter.

The white bands on the tentacles of the Moonglow anemone along with it's more solitary life style and burrowing habit, differentiates it from it's close cousin, the Aggregating anemone.   However the overall tentacle color can range from pink or orange to green or blue.  

Although it feeds on a variety of animals that blunder into its tentacles, like it's green relatives, it supplements it's food with help from symbiotic algae that grow in the body tissue giving it a green color.  The algae gains protection while the anemone gains food from the algae's photosynthetic activities.

The Moonglow anemone can be found from Alaska to Baja California from the mid to low intertidal to the subtidal in semi-exposed and sheltered beaches.